Having networking problems? Computers running a little slow? Let McDaniel Designs help you get your computer systems up to speed and communicating between machines. We can LAN BASE network up to 9 computers to keep communications and transferring of files from computer to computer seamless. Both Mac and PC equipment. We can configure routers and hub systems to make networking more efficient.

We can help to speed up computers that are running sluggish. Make recommendations for upgrading and improving speed of your systems to meet your growing business needs.

E-mail us at for pricing or more details.

Photo Animation
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We can produce vertical and horizontal banners in different size. Draw customers to your websites with bright animated graphics. McDaniel Designs can create the ad for you and do any updates needed for a small maintenance fee. Private viewing of you banner through the creative process. All we need is the size it will be placed on the site. We can come up with concept or if you already have an idea in mind we can design to your specifications. We provide an easy way for you to upload you files.

At Mc Daniel Designs we strive to achieve the highest standard of work and customer service to provide a profitable and long lasting relationship, Achieving the financial status through great marketing , brand recognition and trust Eager to learn more about the needs of your company and plan out a marketing plan to achieve those goals in a timely fashion. Let us help in bring your company into the 21 st century with innovative trendy ideas.